All About Numerology - Meaning, History & Angel Numbers

Numerology is the mystical science of numbers. Confusing right? Don't worry, we have an easy and brief explanation lined up just for you! Also, have you been seeing Angel Numbers too? Check out what the guardian angels have been meaning to tell you.

All About Numerology - Meaning, History & Angel Numbers

All About Numerology - Meaning,

History & Angel Numbers

The study of the mystical significance of figures is known as numerology. To get at a single number for your name, it gives a number to each letter of the ABC. Your fortune is represented by this number. Your Life Path number is the sum of all of your birthday figures, expressed as a single number. Your personality's base is constructed on these two integers. You can calculate your soul purpose number by adding the two.

The standard numerology figures are 1 to 9.

Let's go through the basic meaning of each number:

1 - Individualism  (I am) 

2 - Partnership  (We are)

3 - Creativity (I produce)

4 - Work (I/we make)

5 - Adventure (I explore)

6 - Service (I support)

7 - Mysticism (I believe)

8 - Power (I lead)

9-  Wisdom (I educate)

Below are the Master numbers and their Meaning:

11 - Brilliance (I shine)

22 - Community (We network)

33 - Art (I make factuality)

44 - Leadership (I secure)

55 - Individuation (I authenticate)


The History of Numerology

 It's unclear exactly where numerology came from. The sumptuous and ancient Egyptian societies were the first to find significance in figures. Numerology was allegedly rehearsed in Rome, Greece, China, and Japan thousands of times agone, according to literal records.

 All effects are made of energy that vibrates at colorful frequentness, according to the ancient Chaldeans. For them, numerology offered a straightforward frame for comprehending the characteristics of these climate, both on a particular and a worldwide base.

 Utmost people attribute the development of modernistic numerology to the Greek champion Pythagoras. He may not have created the entire system, but he's credited with giving figures a fully new significance.

 Numerology first appeared in a book that was released in 1937 and was granted its name byDr. Julia Seton. Prior to that, this kind of augury was known as the wisdom of figures, Arithmancy, or indeed, incorrectly, Kabbalah.


 The Two Major seminaries of Numerology

Pythagorean numerology and Chaldean numerology are the two main schools of numerology honored moment.


1. Using Pythagorean figures

 Pythagoras, a Greek champion who flourished roughly 500 BC, is credited as the author of the Pythagorean Numerology, occasionally appertained to as Western Numerology or modernistic Numerology. But Philolaus, who was born 25 times after Pythagoras' end and shortly after the ancient Pythagorean secret academy was destroyed, made up the tale of his creation of a" new number system."

2. Chaldean Numerology

 Ancient Babylonia was governed by a people known as the Chaldeans. Through ancient textbooks that date back thousands of times before Pythagoras was born, Chaldean Numerology may demonstrate the age of its origins.

3. Indispensable Numerology styles

 Other seminaries of numerology have their roots in early Taoist belief structures that cleave to the Yin- Yang and Five- Element propositions. Both the Yijing( I- Ching) and these ways, which in Japan are known as 9 Ki or Kyusei, are said to be aged than the onsets of figures.

4.Using Chinese figures

 Another way Chinese numerology varies from Western numerology is that it's dependent on how a particular number looks while being uttered.

 The Four Pillars proposition of Chinese divination, which is both more recent and extremely well- liked, is actually a numerological approach that focuses on the timetable rather of the movements of the stars.

5. Kabbalah Numerology

The Hebrew ABC- grounded Kabbalah system is an interesting branch of numerology.

This work, which simply employs the name, is relatively magical. generally, understanding this conception and its numerical interpretations requires specialised training and significant study.

Repeating and Angel numbers

In addition to looking at your individual personality type, you should also pay attention to other figures girding your life. It's a clear suggestion from the macrocosm that you're needed to comprehend its communication when certain figures feel to appear constantly around you.

Angel numbers, frequently known as reoccurring figures, appear when the macrocosm, your angel attendants, or your spirit companion is trying to communicate with you. So, whenever you pick up your mobile phone to look at the time and it’s 222 or you buy grocery and the bill is of Rs. 888 It’s not just a bare delicate coexistence. The three most current angelic numbers are 555, 222, and 1111.

 But it all simplifies to one question – “ How will we know what these angel numbers are trying to tell us? ”

 So, let’s dwell deep into it. Shall we?

 Below is brief description about some of the repeated angel numbers that are most popular.

  •  Angel Number 000

 A suggestion that you are connected to the heavenly force when you see this angel number. You should remain focused on your spiritual trip and flash back that you retain access to all the godly direction and backing that you need to make changes that are salutary to you.

 Also, it represents a new morning or a fresh launch. It's time to open your spirit, elevate your vibration, and unite with divinity in order to admit blessings of measureless occasion to realise your bourns and solicitations.

  • Angel Number 111

 Your angels are telling you to move through with your intentions, knowing that they will be backed by your spiritual counsels. Review your views, try to recall what you were considering when you noticed the angel number 111, and also concentrate on that strategy or thing. It serves to remind you to keep your attention on your pretensions and intentions rather than your enterprises or worries. This number encourages you to suppose appreciatively and act singly to carry out your ideas in order to negotiate your ambitions.

  •  Angel Number 222

 When you encounter the angel number 222, your couriers are telling you that your life is on the right course and that all will work out if you just hang in there and trust in their love and guidance. This number represents trust and possibility. It serves as an stimulant for you to ask your angels for backing, to concentrate on your plans, and to do with the conviction that you'll achieve your intended life pretensions.

  • Angel Number 333

Another indication that angels and ascended masters are protecting you. They are available to assist and mentor you as you travel through life. It is an indication that your wishes and pleas for assistance have been acknowledged. Your angels and the ascended masters are present to voluntarily assist, direct, and protect you in your present reality. They recognize your creative decision and will not meddle in your life unless your consent, but you must be open to accepting them.

  • Angel Number 444

Your angels are sending you a strong message with this angel number, assuring you of their unwavering support and affection. Your guardian angels are urging you to carry out your project fearlessly if you keep seeing this number. They need you to realize that they appreciate you and will work with you to be successful.

  • Angel Number 555

Your guardian angels are giving you a subtly worded signal that a substantial shift will shortly occur in your life. If you spot this number, don't be alarmed; your angels are only telling you to be appreciative and ready for the gifts you are going to enjoy rather than issuing a warning of a bad change. The adjustments could significantly improve your prosperity, pleasure, and health.

  • Angel Number 666

Unlike  the common notion surrounding this number, It's not a negative omen, neither is this the "devil's number". In reality, our guardian angels are conveying an important information through the angelic number 666. The angels are alerting you that something in your life has gone out of harmony when you see this number. It serves as a reminder to you not to place too much emphasis on worldly profits and losses.

  • Angel Number 777

An indication that you are following your destiny and being urged to continue going forward with courage. When you keep seeing the angel number 777, it indicates that the whole universe is rooting for you. Just continue on with faith and optimism.

  • Angel Number 888

The angels are telling you to establish measures to support changes in every facet of your life by appearing as the number 888. Your angels are attempting to let you know that now is the ideal time for you to pursue your ambitions, especially if they are for the benefit of your surrounds. It also signifies that you will experience great blessings simply for giving of your gifts to those around you.

  • Angel Number 999

A warning that various eras of your life—whether they be relationships, friendships, or even your career—will experience an end. These partnerships in your life no longer serve any function, and as a result, they must end. When you encounter this angel number, remember that it is opening the way for fresh beginnings in your life, so don't be disheartened.

  • Angel Number 1111

 The message behind the number 1111 inspires you to start fresh, seize exciting options, and tackle fresh tasks with a confident and upbeat attitude. It urges you to understand that you should begin making your aspirations come true. It's proof that your wishes are about to come true. Maintain an optimistic outlook to attract only significant and uplifting events. Your angels are attempting to connect with you, so focus on what's going on around you.


So, the next time you spot one of these just breathe in, think positive and leave it to the universe.


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