15 Types of Sneakers for Men

Sneakers are favored by each guy and girl as they are blissful and usually in trend. Here are 15 types of sneakers for men they should definitely know about.

15 Types of Sneakers for Men
15 Types of Sneakers for Men

15 Types of Sneakers for Men


Sneakers are favored by each guy and girl as they are blissful and usually in trend. Their recognition has in no way diminished seeing that they have been introduced. Sneakers are satisfied shoes that are accessible in a variety of patterns and designs. And there is a sneaker for each event you can imagine. You can walk, play sports, end your chores and cling out with buddies whilst carrying them. You can additionally put on them with all kinds of garments and combinations. You can put on them with jeans, shorts, and with socks or barefoot.

Sneakers received their identity as carrying them you can “sneak up” quietly on anybody as antagonistic to hard-soled leather-based footwear. Let’s have an appearance at one-of-a-kind kinds of basic and ultra-modern sneakers kinds that need to be a phase of your shoe closet.

Table of Contents:

1. Slip-on Sneakers
2. Plimsoll Sneakers
3. Platform or Chunky Sneakers
4. High Top Sneakers
5. Canvas Sneakers
6. Textile Blend Sneakers
7. Weatherproof Sneakers
8. Thong Sneakers
9. Leather Sneakers
10. Velcro Sneakers
11. Sock Sneakers
12. Printed Sneakers
13. Orthopaedic Sneakers
14. Studded Sneakers
15. Athletics Sneakers

  1. Slip-on Sneakers

Slip-on sneakers are low-rise footwear except for any want for shoelaces. Due to their lace-less construction, you do now not want to bend down and tie your shoelaces. You can simply “slip on” this particularly cozy footwear and be ready. Slip-on sneakers come in progressive designs and unique patterns. Wear this in-demand footwear for informal occasions. Since these are low-rise footwear, put on low and ankle-cut socks to intensify your look.

  1. Plimsoll Sneakers

Plimsoll sneakers additionally have a low-rise development however come with shoelaces. Slip-on sneakers can be characterized as Plimsoll sneakers except for shoelaces. Plimsoll sneakers are the most famous and extensively handy sneakers ever. Due to their low-rise construction, these are additionally recognized as “low-top” sneakers. These kinds of sneakers seem to be splendid with skinny and rolled-up jeans, linen chinos, and denim shorts. The key is to expose your ankles and put on no-show socks as an alternative to higher-length socks.

  1. Platform or Chunky Sneakers

Platform or chunky sneakers cater to a predominantly female audience. These are a quite new style and function as a huge chunky sole. They are cozy and extremely good for walking. Platform sneakers seem amazingly hot, make you show up taller, and raise all sorts of informal outfits.

  1. High Top Sneakers

These sorts of sneakers have been at the beginning intended for basketball courts however have won a cult following amongst sneaker aficionados. Kanye West and basketball extremely good Michael Jordan’s preferences for high-top sneakers additionally helped these shoes achieve excessive popularity. Another useful component in their recognition is that you can put on them with all sorts of socks, in particular the high-length ones. High-top sneakers are the best accent for a birthday party ensemble. These appear splendid with tight and well-fitted jeans, chinos, shorts, capri pants, and even trousers.

  1. Canvas Sneakers

Canvas sneakers have extra to do with cloth and much less with design. Canvas sneakers have uppers developed from breathable and long-lasting canvas fabric. Most of the traditional designs like plimsolls are canvas sneakers as their uppers are built of this material. Converse All-Stars is one of the most recognizable canvas sneakers brands. Canvas sneakers seem to be exceptional with rolled-up denim and different informal outfits.

  1. Textile Blend Sneakers

These kinds of sneakers are made from a combination of substances which includes leather, plastic, and specific kinds of textiles and fabrics. Experimentation and a mixture of special substances make for placing and breathtaking designs that are pretty coveted. If you don’t consider us, then test out Saint Kacey variety of velvet sneakers for ladies from the Saint G India collection. Don’t pass over your risk and get a pair of this tremendous footwear whilst they are in stock.

  1. Weatherproof Sneakers

Weatherproof sneakers are designed to defend your ft from rain and water. These are commonly characteristic rubber soles, a weatherproof upper, and different waterproof features. Get a pair of them for monsoons and different horrific weather stipulations and maintain your ft dry.

  1. Thong Sneakers

Thong sneakers are warm-weather sneakers that are supposed to be worn except socks. Most of them characterized a higher leather-based development that has an open-heel plan simply like sandals and slip-on shoes. The facets of the shoes are reduced out or made of extraordinarily breathable fabric for accelerated ventilation. Wear them in the summer season and for your subsequent seaside holiday.

  1. Leather Sneakers

Leather sneakers are a warm commodity in the world of sneakers. These kinds of sneakers are contemporary and have a timeless enchantment at the identical time. The leather higher building offers them a top-rate appearance and excessive durability. These are versatile footwear that appears equally fantastic with casuals and additionally with formal apparel if you comprehend what to choose. Due to their optimal leather-based construction, these are softer on the interior and particularly long-lasting at the equal time. Leather sneakers match mildew to your ft like a glove offering a pretty satisfying and fun sporting experience.

Do take a look at the Saint Artemas and Saint Lamberto variety of leather-based sneakers from Saint G India supplying the pleasant in luxury and style. 

  1. Velcro Sneakers

Velcro sneakers have Velcro fastening alternatively of shoelaces. Velcro fastening offers an association grip on the shoe and you can use them for day-by-day put-on and as taking walks shoes. These can come in specific kinds of patterns and designs; the sole requirement is that they need to have a Velcro fastening. Wear them neatly and with ideal consideration for a special smart-casual look.

  1. Sock Sneakers

As antagonistic to the thong sneakers, these kinds of sneakers are designed for less warm months and regions. These are made of smooth and heat substances like sheepskin and wool with a greater layer at the pinnacle that is removable. The lining and insulation defend the toes and preserve them warm. Wear them in iciness and for wintry weather sports activities things to do like snowboarding and snowboarding.

  1. Printed Sneakers

These sorts of sneakers are made in special styles, colors, designs, and patterns. The patterns may additionally vary from abstract, plaid to animal print. Printed sneakers are an excessive trend accent that makes almost all kinds of outfits fashionable. Check out the much-recommended and enormously sought-after variety of Saint Flavia and Saint Maeve variety of snake print vegan leather-based sneakers from the Saint G India collection.

13 . Orthopaedic Sneakers

Orthopedic sneakers guide and defend the foot and remove any pain whilst you are strolling or running. Air-cushioned sneakers are examples of these sneakers. This two footwear have a cushion between the sole and shoe and are a blessing for humans with extensive and excessive arches. These sneakers supply stability, are superb for strolling lengthy distances and forestall foot accidents like ankle sprains.

14. Studded Sneakers

Studded sneakers function with special designs and gildings like studs made of metallic and different materials. They venture a punk rock appearance and are used by way of millennials and post-millennials as a structure of self-expression via apparel and accessories. These sorts of sneakers are strictly informal and come in distinct kinds of designs, patterns, and embellishments. We advise Saint Ariana White & Green gold steel studded sneakers from Saint G India collection.

15. Athletics Sneakers

The world of athletic sneakers is interesting and vast. We will create a separate article devoted to athletic sneakers in the future. Here is a short preview of this versatile footwear. Athletic sneakers are sports activities footwear that supply accurate grip, stability, and aid to the feet. Athletics sneakers are designed for sports activities however are worn for all kinds of things to do and occasions. Some examples of athletic sneakers are cross-trainers, strolling shoes, court docket shoes, racing shoes, and barefoot sneakers. These kinds of sneakers can be termed as an excellent aggregate of fashion and functionality.


Your shoe dresser can by no means be whole except for a pair of sneakers. Sneakers have turned out to be a trend statement. From formal activities to informal gatherings, you can spot celebrities and trend icons wearing a pair of sneakers. Armed with the above sneaker information, save with abandon and get your preferred pair of sneakers today.

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