The 15 rules that every man should learn about dressing properly

Stressing out on how to keep up with the men's changing trends of fashion? There are undoubtedly many more guidelines than these listed here. However, these guidelines have been through the ages and, when followed together, serve as a foolproof manual for how to dress nicely as a male in today's society.

The 15 rules that every man should learn about dressing properly

The 15 rules that every man should

learn about dressing properly


A man's outfit is more important than his talents, appeal, or intelligence; a great suit, however, can catapult any shmoo to celebrity. Although it may seem unfair, they are simply the realities of life in modern civilization. Therefore, following the game's rules is the best course of action. The significance of a sombre suit can indeed not be stressed enough because mature attire is a cornerstone of the rest of us must create our magnificence because only a rare creature can look attractive only wearing a t-shirt and denim. Stylish haircuts, well managed beard, attentive hygiene practices, and carefully crafted body language are essential components of an erudite demeanor in addition to attire. Consider these advices for men on how to dress well to gain a good edge and look dapperly stylish!

The historical styling advice for men have been proven to be effective throughout the ages, so it stands to reason that they will continue to be effective today. And they are frequently based on things that are so evident that they are frequently ignored. There are undoubtedly many more guidelines than these listed here.  However these guidelines have been through the ages and, when followed together, serve as a foolproof manual for how to dress nicely as a male in today's society.


  • Dress in a genuine manner. Your style represents YOU!

You should never allow your clothing to overwhelm you in order to project a strong influence. Honestly, a guy's clothes must also match his heart, intellect, and personality; it isn't enough for clothing to complement your body's measurements!

Avoid wearing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. The ideal attire is an organic extension of a guy. Your attitude should be reflected via your clothes. A man shouldn't ever feel awkward in his clothing if he is wearing the appropriate attire. Consider less of what people might think as you get ready for the day.

Consider how well the fit feels and also whether you actually feel content when you gaze into the mirror. You'll encounter the aforementioned issues quite frequently when you copy fashions and trends. Stock your wardrobe with items that express your unique sense of style.

  • Avoid making impulsive purchases.

Most of the time, you'll despise purchasing apparel when it isn't the perfect fit. Buy brand-new items that satisfy all the criteria for what you're looking for. Donate any outdated clothing that you don't particularly enjoy wearing.

Be thrifty with your money, and if you have to, wait for deals. If you aren't sure exactly what you'll pair it with, don't waste your money on it.

  • Fit is king

If a costly suit is not correctly fashioned, it's going to look terrible. Spend some time getting acquainted with a reputable tailor if fit is important to you. Never accept a less-than-perfect fit when you request changes. Don't be reluctant to discuss it with your designer

  • Color coordination

Before making an investment in your clothing, match colour palettes with your skin colour. When you first begin, the minimalist strategy will assist you in keeping your clothes straightforward. There from, one can gradually expand his wardrobe by acquiring more items.

Engage in a little coloring, whether it's on professional or informal clothing. colour can also be ageless. For instance, pinks, greens, mustard, and brighter blue tones are also suggested as year-round colours that will spruce up your complete look. However, it is emphasised that less is still more when it comes to colour: You only need a small amount of it in one garment.

 Not over than two distinct colours should be used. An outfit that contains too many designs is one that nobody can wear.

  • Socks

Avoid wearing ankle-length socks alongside a suit. While black socks and brown shoes don't go together, brown footwear must be worn with navy socks. Consider wearing dark-colored socks with your footwear as a standard guide.

Use the white socks only when running and cycling. Never pair shorts with socks or sandals. Always wear socks alongside your shoes when you're in a work environment, office, or other professional setting.

With the exception of oxfords, the majority of shoes can be worn sockless. 

  • Shoes

Boldly decorated shoes often draw too much spotlight toward themselves and ruin your outfit. Likewise do the shoes with extremely pointed or squared toes. A scratch appeared on your sacred white shoes? Don't fret; just use a shoe shampoo to make it disappear.

Shortening artificial shoelaces is a simple process. After cutting them, secure the ends by lighting the tips with a lighter. Give your footwear some thought. This means you should clean them, resole them, and examine the state of your ties.

Never be afraid to try new shoe polish combinations. You'll be astounded by how frequently stronger colours can result in a richer and much more aesthetically pleasing gloss than other matching colour polishes. Some men also polish their dark-brown boots in black. Some people polish their black shoes with blue.

Keep in mind the first guideline of shoe polish application:  Wait a short while between every stage. Prior to beginning to coat the cream polish, give the cleanser ample opportunity to soak in.

Prior to applying wax, the same holds true for the cream. Also, wait until the wax polish has had time to absorb before using the buffing brush. Approach  a shoemaker to add a plate and screws to the heel of your footwear to decrease the level of damage that they receive.

  •  Improve your posture

Become more upright since you've perfected the right fit. purchased expensive suits, shirts, shoes, etc. One item, though, might be actually stopping you. I'm referring to your demeanor.

If you tend to hunch a lot, your sense of appearance will become very disorganized. Additionally, building confidence and maintaining better posture go with one another. The fact that confident guys tend to wear most clothing with smooth and seamless grace is undeniable.

  • Make wise watch investments

A watch should be chosen for its aesthetic appeal rather than for potential financial gain. Wearing a watch allows you to keep track of time and is a personal choice. Nevertheless you must also be realistic. Sportswear that is fashionable, practical, tough, and can withstand daily use abuse is universally flattering. The watch must still suit you, though. The ideal diameter is thought to be 40mm, which is referred to as being the "goldilocks" size. It should also feel completely comfortable and have the right ideal size and depth for your hand.3. Don’t shy away from colour

  • Wear your jeans until you own them.

Denim goes well with sneakers because it is comfy and roomy in the thigh. It's the perfect all-year-round, go-with-anything style that you can dress up in. The smart will avoid approaching the pre-distressed and wear different, raw denim as well. "The best thing about denim is how it becomes better with wear. Why would you pass that up?

  • Know when to break the rules

Understand when to follow uniform rules like black tie and when to ignore them. Some show up for valid cause, frequently because the situation calls for it or because a higher power—like your boss—expects it. However, there's always a justification for ripping them up, and we may get too hooked up about rules as well.  After all, this is how fashion develops—slowly and steadily. 

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