Relationships have become very complicated these days; you don’t know what is a red flag in a woman and what is not. It is very important to note some toxic traits in the early stages so that you do not suffer later.


Relationships have become very complicated these days; you don’t know what is a red flag in a woman and what is not. It is very important to note some toxic traits in the early stages so that you do not suffer later. Here are some female red flags that might help you in making your relationship healthy and getting out of relationships that are not.

Table of Contents:

1. Control Issues
2. Trust Issues
3. Disrespect
4. Commitment Issues
5. Psychotic Behaviour
6. Jealousy
7. Satisfaction
8. Ego
9. Anger Issues
10. Vengeance


  1. Control Issues


“Love sets you free, so do not try to trap someone through love.”


People tend to get protective of the people they love; this is normal; however, when it results in unnaturally controlling behaviour, that is when you run off and never look back. Women tend to get jealous and insecure when their partner converses with or even looks at another girl. This is not healthy behaviour. One should feel secure and safe in a relationship and not get obsessed with the woman one stared at for 5 seconds.


  1. Trust Issues


"It takes years to build trust but seconds to break it.”


The building foundation of a relationship is trust. Without trust, you can not have a healthy relationship, so make sure you can trust your partner and they trust you. If you find your girlfriend keeping secrets from you, make her sit down and have a deep, long conversation. If you are not truthful to her, it is better not to be with her.

Being in a dishonest relationship can mentally destroy a person; they start second-guessing everything and everyone. So make sure you are not responsible for harming anyone’s belief system.


  1. Disrespect


“Respect is how to treat everyone.”


Mutual respect is something that we look for in every relationship. Make sure your partner respects you. If you see them cracking insulting jokes in front of her friends, making disrespectful comments and passing it off as a joke, run my man. That is as big a red flag as it gets. A relationship which does not possess mutual respect can never survive in the long run; it is toxic and will eventually end up hurting the people involved.


  1. Commitment Issues


“If commitment does not come easy, don’t do it.”


Another upcoming issue that has become very common in relationships is commitment issues. Ever since the “dating era” started, people do not want to commit to one person; they want to ‘explore’, and keep their options open. Nobody is satisfied with their partners and is searching for some fantasy guy. If your girl cannot commit to you, if you have become an option, that is your cue to leave. A person who is confused will always stay confused. You will never be able to gain certainty on whether she is into you or not.


  1. Psychotic Behaviour




Now, this may seem like a controversial topic, or even debatable, but for people who have seen "Gone Girl", you know what I am talking about. Some girls can get out of hand with psychotic habits. If you suspect it, do not wait for someone to die my man (JK), just run for your life. I have deep sympathies for you.


  1. Jealousy


“Do not let this green-eyed monster get to you.”


Jealousy is a normal human emotion; everybody gets jealous at one point in their life; but when you let that jealousy control your actions to the point where you start being unreasonable, that is where the chaos begins. Extreme jealousy can lead to overbearing behaviour that is toxic for a relationship. Especially when the other person stops hearing the voice of reason. So if your girl has foregone the bounds of jealousy, it is time to either get couple therapy or just go for post-breakup therapy man.


  1. Satisfaction


“Satisfaction and growth, yes! We need them both.”


Make sure you satisfy your partners' emotional, mental and physical needs. Fulfilling your girlfriend's needs is also a part of a relationship. Particularly in this era, where every little reason causes friction in a relationship, not getting the comfort you need from your partner can wreak havoc. So if your girl is not satisfied with you, learn how to make her so or someone else sure will.


  1. Ego


“Ego? It is better to just go!”


There should never be space for ego in your relationship, not just in a spouse but even in friendships. The foundation of a healthy relationship is empathy and understanding. When ego starts to show itself, it is a major red flag in a woman because that means that communication is being affected. With effective communication, you will never face this issue. So if your woman shows ego, I would suggest that you either talk to her or just go.


  1. Anger issues


“No one heals himself by hurting others.”


Anger issues are very common in today’s generation because of the pressure that comes along with the rat race. The problem begins when we take out our frustration on our partners, so if your girl comes home angry and takes it out on you with hurtful words, that is a major red flag in your woman. Anger issues can lead to violence, mental and physical, so look out for this female red flag.


  1. Vengeance


“There is nothing more dangerous than a vindictive woman.”


Some women tend to be vindictive, whenever you have a fight or go rough, they start backlashing by going rogue. You find them in the arms of another guy just out of spite, this is something that is a major red flag in a woman. Doing something just to hurt the other person shows that you do not care for them. So do not stick around if you notice this kind of a behaviour in your woman.

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